All our Labradors are hips, elbows and Prcd (Progressive Retinal Cone Distrophy) controlled.

The first two controls that relate to hips and elbows are not scientific, this means that there is no other way, than to try to make a statistical breeding, the most responsible way possible. Given that science, cannot give us any control through the Dna, to verify that dog or dogs are carriers of the problem, us who are not scientists, still can't guarantee what will happen to your puppy, the more, taking into realize that the environmental factor, premature exercise, inadequate food, too much calcium, slippery floors, stairs, etc.... We do not guarantee for dysplasia, we only guarantee that we have done everything humanly possible to try to avoid any problems and this in a very severe way.

The easiest way, is to be more commercial and say we give "all this guarantee", many Breeders and "puppy farmers" will probably tell you so, but maybe they will ask you to bring back your dog to be sacrificed, then is supposed to waive this warranty that our understanding and seeing things, one should not give it, since no one is God to do so.

We want to add that all our breeding stock is clean hips, elbows and free in Pra (Prcd).

We want to let clear that even if you breed like us, with perfect dogs, difficultly, but not impossibly, we can have a bad surprise in a puppy with problems.


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