We give prices of exemplars only by phone, and even better personally. Personally you can see our dogs and we think that then they can give reasons for these prices, as we try to an animal which should spend many years at his side. We do not like inform by whatsapp, as if a virtual store is involved.

93 841 75 29 687 08 32 50

To avoid confusion as to who we are and how we work, we recommend strongly look well the exceptional quality of our dogs on our website, if possible before calling, so you'll have a more accurate idea of who they really are.

If you are looking for a good, nice and cheap Labrador without pedigree, don't waste your time and ours, this is not the place. In person, the treatment is much less cold for you and for us, since we chose our customers, not only they choose us. Remember that we only sell our Labradors Retrievers raised in our home with our females and males.

We refuse to sell to stores, I say this more than anything, because they will not found a Helvet Can at any store. We have our own lines they have received a rigorous selection of about 24 years, which has allowed us to today 04/2016, 86 championship titles distributed in nothing more and nothing less than 28 different countries. This requires much perseverance and knowledge have. You can call us and we will arrange a day and time to advise and teach our farmers, our facilities, hygiene and so they can assess our knowledge of this race.



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