I would like to start my explanations of how the Labrador Retriever is, using the phrase of an International dogs Judge, L. Chistiakova: "Possibly I may idealize this breed, but for me the true Labrador Retriever fits in two words: "Guardian Angel", of course "the guard" is not to "protect". When I met this wonderful breed "The Labrador Retriever", and began my contact with it, not realizing, I paraphrased myself proverbial expression: "God created the Man, then he was weak, and he gave him a Labrador Retriever as its companion". This dog focuses so much positive energy that its purpose is to be "energy giver". Only this energy has to be addressed. If we look at the silhouette of a Labrador Retriever, there is nothing superfluous, fake, deliberate. Everything has to be simple, balanced. It's an ideal companion with enormous capacity for work.

The Labrador Retriever has an unique feature: his soul. His heart is such, that his mission on earth is to bring joy to people. Perhaps that is the most popular breed in many countries, such as Great Britain, America, Europe and increasingly one of the most beloved in Spain. Due to their friendliness, their lack of aggression with people and other animals, his ease in learning, Labrador Retriever, besides being an ideal companion for kids and other pets also, is used as a guide dog, therapist, rescue dog, drug sniffing dog and explosives. But do not forget about its main "work" that is for what it has been created: hunting and especially retrieving (hence comes about Retriever). Above all, a Labrador Retriever enjoying the water charging. The only thing for which it is unsuitable, is to defend and save. The Labrador Retriever has no aggression toward people. Sure, you can tell your own danger, but with this gatekeeper, functions are finished.

Yet this does not mean that once you have a Labrador Retriever and just for being a dog of this breed and is educated by himself. Education is paramount. There is the difference between a Labrador Retriever "intelligent" and a Labrador Retriever "smart and educated". If we spend a little time, your dog will only give you happiness. Your Labrador will do everything possible to make you happy, but you also have to put in your hand a little effort to make your pet happy also. A dog not only born, but made. Nothing is further from reality. Example, Children.


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