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The history of Helvet Can, begins in 1976, but not until 1993, when Didier Schaer, who at this time lives with his first Labrador Retriever, opts for breeding and selecting with responsibility and exclusivity this beautiful breed. Later joined the project Valentyna Ostrianska, who became the Wife of Didier and, since then, both have continued to work together in the breeding and care of their beautiful specimens of Labrador Retriever.

The name of "Helvet Can" is a word game that combines the Latin name of Switzerland "Helvetia" wich is the nationality of Didier Schaer, with the word "Can" from Canis.

As perfectionists we are, today, and even having reached more 130 Champion titles with our Labradors in 30 different Countries, we maintain the illusion of breeding what is for us an ideal Labrador Retriever. We work a breeding base characterized by the elegance, the homogeneity, the typicity and most important: the excellent health and character of the Helvet Can Labrador Retriever puppies.

To get this feature bloodline and successfully combination, health, beauty and character in their Labradors, we had to travel a lot around England and Europe, visiting reputable breeders and purchasing different professional opinions to get experience of it and of course import some very good dogs, unforgetable dogs that we will never forget. We had to learn a lot and memorize so many pedigrees as possible of the breeding, check their genetic heritage and authenticity, influenced to a greater extent in the current standard of the breed.

Currently, the Helvet Can bloodline is so entrenched, that most of their current dogs ancestors where born, many years ago, in their own place, demonstrating their virtues as breeding stock.

Our passion for the breed and our sense of responsibility has always led us to raise with parents controlled genetic defects, for at least 5 generations, so perfectly knowing the pedigree of future crosses. All this, in order to breed Labrador Retriever puppies as healthy as possible and in excellent health and character, but without neglecting the beauty and the breed conformation.

For many years, it has been customary to see Helvet Can Labradors showing their dogs all around the world, but today, and since we do not agree on some issues with organizations, we have ceased to take part temporaly and we do not belong to any Asociation or breed Club. The Helvet Can Labradors that are going to show, are property of their Clients. Helvet Can is a member or the Real Sociedad Canina de España affiated with the Federation Cinologique Internationale we are also members of the Unió Cinofila de Catalunya. We want to make it clear, too, that although there is people who may be raising with a Helvet Can Labradors, this doesn't means, never, that we choose the mating or that those dogs are Helvet Can. Theres no Branches or working with any other breeders. The only way to share your life with a real Helvet Can, is to contact directly with Didier and Valentyna.

We have to say also, that after near to 3 years of inactivity at shows, this year 2014 we started again presenting our dogs at shows, not all the shows, but trying to select a little bit the quality of the Judges that comes, searching for apolitic judges that only judge the dog and not the handler of the dog.

By Mail with our contact formulary in our website

By phone: +34 93 841 75 29 or +34 68 708 32 50

What We Do

We love to hear how our Labradors grow and how they live, so we like to continue to maintain contact with their new owners. Many times, enough, the gran majority of our Clients, come and visit us to show how is their dog growing. We have so, the oportunity to give good recomendations if we see something abnormal with the dog, growing, character, etc....

When a person decides to add a new member to his Family, in this case one of our Labrador Retriever, they can have confidence and know that they can contact us anytime if they have questions or need service for their puppy. This is why our work is not limited only to the breeding and sale of the Labrador Retriever, but also we offer after-sales good service.

Our Clients have access to all the services we provide:

    Boarding kennel (principally only Labradors)
    Boarding kennel (principally only Labradors)Regarding to not let them alone, we use to ask our Client the permission to put 2 dogs in each kennel, they are big enough for two and better for them to not be alone. We put together always two bitches or two males, of both when we see that the bitch is not in heat.
    Veterinarian service 24 hours (when they should leave their labrador, they can count on our childcare)
    Sale of food, the same as our dogs eat.
    Phone consulting
    Education at their home, along with its Owner or Family. Useless to educate a dog if the owner does not know how to get it after.


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