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The dog breed Labrador Retriever was created to enjoy a pleasant companion and a great working dog. In ancient times, the Labrador earned a living as an assistant fisherman gathering network, fetching ropes and recovering fish in the North Atlantic cold.

The breeding today are so supple and workers as their ancestors, thus being one of the most popular breeds of dogs and appreciated. Today, many farmers who work as collectors hunting dogs, therapy dogs and/or help to disabled persons, search and rescue dogs, and different jobs generally requiring the great smell and versatility of a real Labrador Retriever.

A great temperament and virtue of being an eternal puppy

Few races deserve their popularity as much as the Labrador. Delivered, obedient and responsive, this Retriever is usually a great companion for children, getting along with dogs and other pets. At home, the Labrador is a quiet dog while abroad shown playful and active, being eager to please his owner; highlighting in obedience exercises and smell. The Labrador Retriever is a rustic dog who enjoys learning, who loves to swim and retrieve objects that can throw or have previously hidden from him. You should not, however, give physical and mental challenges every day, even while about their breaks to keep up their innate balance, because it is quite dependent dog may suffer separation anxiety if I should spend a lot of time alone. Labrador is sociable dogs who enjoy the company of people. His character, nothing primitive, "child" makes them an eternal puppy, even in adulthood, so they will be much happier sharing the home with the family instead of isolated live abroad.


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We try to carry out our passion for the Labrador Retriever, breeding responsibly our puppies with excelent temperament, good health and without neglecting their obvious beauty.

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